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Classic method sparkling wine produced with Fiano and Greco grapes in different proportions basing on the vintage.

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Classic method sparkling wine produced with Fiano and Greco grapes in different proportions basing on the vintage.
The grapes come from vines located in the lower part of Irpinia hills along Sabato river which crosses both Fiano and Greco production areas.
It stays 24 months on the lees.
The entire process of this precious spumante takes place in our cellar under our strict control.

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750 ML


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Typology spumante brut
Grape Fiano 50% – Greco 50%
First vintage produced 2009
Vineyard location San Michele di Serino, Altavilla Irpina (Avellino)
Altitude 250 m asl for the vineyards located in San Michele di Serino, 550 m asl for the vineyards located in Altavilla Irpina
Vine Training/Pruning guyot
Vineyard design 4000 – 5000 vines/hectare
Grape yield 50 quintals/hectare
Type of soil sandy silty, calcareous clay with vulcanic ashes for Fiano and sandy silty with dark clay incursions for Greco
Harvest time last week of August
Wine making sedimentation after the gentle crushing of whole bunches; inoculated fermentation with selected yeasts; fermentation and ageng in stainless steel tanks. The second alcoholic fermentation takes place in bottle as foreseen by the classic method
Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 16°C
Temperature of the second fermentation14°C
Bottling time last week of the month of November or December of the year following the harvest
Degorgement at least after 24 months on the lees in bottle

Appearance pale lemon with light green reflections and very fine perlage
Nose austere and gentle with flavours of bread dought, mature white melon, white peach along with mineral and minty hints as well as a sweet touch which recalls the white chocolate and a smoked finish
Palate fine, refreshing and creamy with a medium body but full and very smooth. The lively acidity makes it refreshing. Long finish with floral flavours
Food pairing ideal with sea food pasta/spaghetti, shellfish, light beans soups or fish soups
Dishes to be paired pasta with piennolo tomatoes, raw tuna with celery sauce, prawns with asparagus, seared scallop with lemon